Új Genos Firmware

2019. november 19.

Megjelent az új Genos Firmware, a 2.00. Az új rendszer új funkciókat is tartogat (mint pl. új akkord looper), és a hangszer használatát még felhasználóbarátabbá teszi.

Az összes letöltés, köztük az új Firmware itt található meg

Yamaha Genos

A főbb változások, angolul: 

-A new Chord Looper function is available.
-Improved the layout and operations on the Style Creator display.
-You can now use the Style Section Reset function by pressing the [TAP TEMPO] button.
-You can now select whether the Song is changed or not when you press the [PREV] button on the Song Setting display.
-You can now configure the Crossfade in the Mono Type in the Voice Edit display.
-You can now configure the Portamento Time Type on the Voice Edit display.
-You can now select the next Song in the middle of Song playback.
-You can now configure the parameters of Multi Pad 1-4 Part (using as the Audio Link Multi pad) in the Mixer display.
-You can now configure the "Part On/Off" of AUX In Audio and the "Part On/Off" of Wireless LAN Audio in the Mixer display.
-Improved the Scale Tune function.

  • You can now access the Scale Tune function from the Menu display.
  • You can now set a temporary scale by the Sub Scale function.

-New System Exclusive messages corresponding to the Scale Tune function have been added.
-You can now call up the Insertion Effect Setting display in the Mic Setting display.
-You can now assign new parameters to the controllers in the Live Control and Assignable displays.
-You can now call up the Chord Looper and Assignable displays by the Direct Access function.
-You can now configure the outputs of the Audio Song and the Voice Guide Sound/Wireless LAN Audio in the Line Out display.
-You can now store the Assign Type of Live Control to Registration Memory.
-You can now sort the Playlist.
-Now supports use with the Yamaha Expansion Manager (V2.6.0 or later).
-Changes: The range of the Time Signature setting has been expanded.
-Changes: You can have the MIDI Song that is selected on the Dual Player opened automatically when you call up the MIDI Multi Recording function.
-Changes: You can register the Voice and Style of User drive to the Favorite tab.
-Changes: Improved the method of selecting Parts on the Mixer display.
-Changes: The Tuning display has been separated into the Master tune display and the Scale Tune display.
-Changes: You can now configure whether to apply the Scale Tune to each part individually for Right 1, Right 2 and Right 3, in the Scale Tune display.
-Changes: The menu display layout has been reorganized due to the addition of new functions.
-Changes: The maximum number of User Effects which can be saved has been expanded.
-Changes: The maximum number of letters in the name of User Effects and the name of MIDI Settings has been expanded.
-Changes: The maximum size of Expansion Voice has been increased to approx. 3 GB.
-Changes: The Voice Guide function supports display changes of this version. Please download the latest Voice Guide file from the product site to ensure that the additional sounds work properly.
-Changes: Improved the response of the Tap Tempo controls.
-Fixed a problem in which the Audio Song parameters were not properly saved to Registration Memory in certain situations.
-Fixed a problem in which certain Music Finder Record files of Tyros series could not be imported.
-Fixed other problems.


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